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Somerton Lodge

Somerton Lodge offers High Level Care Somerton Lodge offers Low Level Care

Somerton Park SA 5044

Holdfast Bay Council and Local Government Area (LGA)

Somerton Lodge is located in Somerton Park in the Holdfast Bay Council and Local Government Area (LGA) in the "Adelaide - South " region of SA.

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         Somerton Park
Council / LGA:

         Holdfast Bay

         Adelaide - South
State:          SA

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About Residential Aged Care

In the past, a distinction was drawn between aged care homes that offered "high level care" (which were commonly known as "nursing homes") and those that offered "low level care" (which were commonly known as "hostels"). From 1 July 2014 this distinction has ceased to apply in relation to permanent residential aged care, although it does continue to apply in relation to temporary respite care. Aged care homes can incorporate "extra service", which provides a higher standard of accommodation and services (such as meals) for an additional fee. Aged care homes that are not accredited, but which offer similar care and services, may be referred to as "Supported Living". See our Terminology page for detailed explanations of terms that relate to aged care, home care and retirement villages.

More Information?

Please see our Aged Care Guide for further important information about aged care and aged care homes. It includes the following:

  1. Introduction

  2. Eligibility and Assessment

  3. Fees and Charges

  4. Accreditation Standards and Compliance

  5. Resident Rights and Responsibilities

  6. Residential Respite Care

  7. Advocacy and Complaint Resolution